At St. Joseph’s Indian School, our unique programs help deserving Lakota (Sioux) children experience safety and love, but it doesn’t stop there. Our caring staff strives to build a foundation of HOPE to support a bright future, so children can be successful wherever life may take them.

The Circle of Courage philosophy helps create a reclaiming environment for the children in our care. Founded on traditional Native American child rearing practices and modern research, the Circle of Courage was developed by Larry K. Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg and Steve Van Bockern.

Reclaiming means:

  • There is hope for every child.
  • We strive to renew and redeem each child.
  • We strive to restore value to each child.
  • We offer courage to each child, as opposed to discouragement.
  • We work to find where each child’s circle has been broken
    and strive to repair it.
  • We seek each child’s individual strengths and use a strength-based approach in helping them heal their circle.

The Lakota children at St. Joseph's have a safe, loving home
The Lakota children at St. Joseph’s have a safe, loving home and opportunities to learn about their
Native American heritage.

To achieve these goals, the staff at St. Joseph’s Indian School focuses on components of teaching, modeling and providing opportunities for each child to experience Belonging, Generosity, Mastery and Independence. These values are incorporated into home and school activities.

  • Belonging is identified as the universal human longing for love. It is nurtured by relationships of trust with significant people … I am loved.

  • To gain understanding and competence in coping with the world, strive to achieve Mastery and nurture our thirst for learning … I am good at something.

  • Learn Generosity when our passion for life is enhanced by concern for others and commitments beyond one’s self … I have a purpose for my life.

  • Our desire to exercise free will is nurtured by increased responsibility and by experiencing IndependenceI have the power to make decisions.


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