Our powwow royalty Miss St. Joseph’s, Jr. Miss St. Joseph’s and the Eagle Staff Bearer represent St. Joseph’s Indian School at Chamberlain’s homecoming parade and other celebrations in the Chamberlain community throughout the year. To qualify, students complete an essay-type questionnaire about why they would be a good choice, give a greeting in the Lakota language and demonstrate their dance ability.

Shawnna, Miss St. Joseph’s, is a sixth grade student and has been dancing since second grade.

“I am a Fancy Shawl Dancer and I learned to dance from my family especially my older sister and uncle. I feel very happy when I dance, but I’m happy even when I’m not dancing because it feels good to be at powwow.”

Diamond, Jr. Miss St. Joseph’s, is in fourth grade and has been dancing since she was in first grade. She is also a Fancy Shawl Dancer, but has also danced Traditional.

“I want to share my dancing with everyone,” said Diamond. “My family taught me to dance and I love going to powwows with them.”

Joe, St. Joseph’s Eagle Staff Bearer, is in eighth grade and has been part of dance group for eight years.

“I learned to dance from our Native American Studies teacher at St. Joseph’s,” said Joe. “When I dance I feel at peace, like I belong here.”

Wopila tankamany thanks — for helping our royalty and all the Lakota (Sioux) children at St. Joseph’s Indian School follow their dreams!

See more photos from our annual powwow in our Flickr album!

Meet our Royalty: Shawnna, Diamond, and Joe!
Shawnna, Miss St. Joseph’s; Diamond, Jr. Miss St. Joseph’s; Fr. Anthony and Joe, Eagle Staff Bearer, had a great day at our 38th Annual Powwow!


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