Over the summer, four of St. Joseph’s high school youth visited our sister school in Handrup, Germany. Erika, Ashley, Wyatt and Jatonne learned about the German culture and educational system, while sharing important aspects of the Lakota (Sioux) culture with their host families and students at Gymnasium Leonium.

Lakota students first met their German counterparts
The Lakota students first met their German counterparts on a visit to Gymnasium Leonium over the summer.

“It was a wonderful visit both when we visited Germany and when they came to South Dakota,” said Claire, a St. Joseph’s houseparent and chaperone to Germany this summer. “Our Lakota students made some wonderful connections with our German friends and I hope this good experience will broaden their horizons for the future.”

Annalena, Ann-Christin, Leon, Sebastian and Sarah, their chaperone, spent nearly two weeks in South Dakota. They shared their German culture with students at St. Joseph’s Indian School and at Chamberlain High School. They spent time in St. Joseph’s homes, attended St. Joseph’s powwow and visited South Dakota landmarks like Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Through opportunities like this, students are introduced to the idea that there are kids on the other side of the world who are just like them, but also totally different … speaking a different language and eating different foods, but watching the same shows and enjoying the same hobbies.

Enjoying the South Dakota sights like buffalo and Black Hill
Enjoying the South Dakota sights like buffalo,
Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills.

Wopila tankamany thanks — for the learning opportunities you help provide Native American youth!


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