Our students made us proud!

St. Joseph's students enjoy their weekly home activities.

St. Joseph's residential homes are organized by gender and age. Each week, our Rec Center staff invites two homes from the younger communities (1-6) and two homes from the older communities (7-8) to spend an hour in the gym for some "Rec Center Fun!"

Evan and Mark, our Enrichment coordinators, design creative spins on various activities and games the kids enjoy, such as "Minute to Win It" based on the popular television show. During the activities, the students are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zones and build their teamwork, communication and sportsmanship skills.

Rec Center staff and houseparents often participate in the activities as a way to foster relationships with the students.

In addition to Rec Center nights, Enrichment also includes home activities. One program St. Joseph's utilizes is Second Step. This research-based curriculum combines social-emotional learning with bullying prevention and child protection. In addition to the Second Step curriculum, our students also learn about things like anger management, social skills like how to answer the phone, and inhalant prevention.

Enrichment is full of activities that everyone can share, promoting physical and developmental skills, cooperation, exercise, and lots of FUN!

Enrichment is one way that St. Joseph's can continue educating our Native American students for life — mind, body, heart and spirit.

St. Joseph’s NHS students enjoyed volunteering with the Special Olympics Bowling Team!

Students participate in an activity about bullying.


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