Meet Our 2018 Senior - Danielle.

My name is Danielle. I have attended St. Joseph’s Indian School for eight non-consecutive years, and have been a part of the high school program for two and a half years.

In middle school at St. Joseph’s, I was a part of t-ball (second-third grade). In fourth through sixth grade, I played basketball. I participated in volleyball my seventh grade year. During high school, I have been a part of various activities (not all with Chamberlain High School). I participated in JROTC, Women’s Society, FBLA and International Club in high school. Through Chamberlain High School, I have participated in Native American Club for two and half years and have had the opportunity to serve as president for two years. I have also taken part in the LNI Knowledge Bowl Team. Lastly, I had the honor to be selected as royalty in 2014-2015 as Miss Chamberlain High School, and in 2017 I was crowned Miss St. Joseph’s Indian School.

My favorite memory would have to be working on campus for the last two years during the summer with the children because, let me tell you, each and every one of those children have a personality that is unforgettable. I enjoyed working with the summer home and having the opportunity to be a part of the students’ lives.

None of my future plans have been set in stone, although I do know that when I attend college, I want to study Native American Studies and the Lakota language and history. I would also like to study Human Services.

I would like to thank my houseparents who worked in the Afra, Summerlee and Pinger homes, because those years were rough. The staff, believe it or not, have impacted my life one way or another. I would also like to thank my counselors — old and new — Sherry, Robyn and Darcy for always being there for me throughout school and never giving up on me. I cannot forget Lilli and Norm or Aaron and Melissa for giving me guidance through this last year. It was rough but thank you.

And the advice to younger students … the more obvious advice is to get your work done, because you cannot live your dreams if you do not have an education, (this isn’t the 1950s people). But MY advice is to never let someone else’s negative opinions about you, or something you have a love and passion for, define who you are. And always remember that plans are always changing so do not get discouraged if there is a different outcome. Everything happens for a reason.

Meet Our 2018 Senior - Hope

My name is Hope and I’ve attended St. Joseph’s Indian School since I was in sixth grade, so I have been here for 7 years.

I wasn’t involved in activities my freshman year of high school. In my sophomore year, I joined choir and the fall play. I’ve been in the productions of Wizard of Oz, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown and Peter and the Starcatcher. I was a boys basketball cheerleader my junior year. During my senior year, I was a cheerleader for football and boys basketball.

My favorite memory was winning the Spirit of Six Award at the boys’ state basketball tournament for the second year in a row, which has never been done before.

I would like to thank my counselor Amanda for looking after me, so I don’t get into more trouble than I already have, Kathryn for being the best cook I ever did meet, Judy for brightening my day, Krista for helping me with all of my college plans and preparing me for all of it, and Joe.

My advice to younger students is to get out there. Go take adventures — even if they’re small ones — like joining a club, a sports team or even a play. Little adventures like that will help you with the big one — life. And also, don’t forget to do your homework. Never fall behind, it’s very hard to catch up. Trust me, I would know.

Meet Our 2018 Senior - Kayla.

My name is Kayla and I’ve attended St. Joe’s for 7 years. I’ve been involved in the fall play for the last two years.

My favorite memory is obviously really hard to pick, but the ones that come to mind are freshman orientation and the seventh grade cultural trip.

I’d like to thank Brittney and Phil for their patience, Bob and Angie for always making me laugh, Norm and Lilli for teaching me to appreciate the small things, Krista for helping me plan out my future, my mama bear Kathryn, Rich and Tara for being fun houseparents, and especially Amanda for always being my biggest supporter and for just about everything else.

This summer I will complete basic training for the National Guard, and then be off to college at Black Hills State University. My advice to younger students is don’t stress too much — but that doesn’t mean don’t try. Take all the opportunities that you can.

Meet Our 2018 Senior - Kezrai

My name is Kezrai and I have been attending St. Joseph’s Indian School since fifth grade.

While attending St. Joseph’s I was involved in volleyball, basketball and softball. In high school, I was involved in the fall play as a crew member. I had lots of fun with my partner in crime, Krista.

One of my favorite memories would have to be when we went to Minnesota for our home trip.

I would like to thank my mom most of all because she’s my best friend and has helped me with everything. I would also like to thank people that helped me through all my years at St. Joseph’s. I would like to thank Al and Nancy for being such great people and my counselor, Amanda, for dealing with me throughout the years.

My plans for next year are undecided because I have several plans in mind, but I’m still unsure of which I want to pursue.

Meet Our 2018 Senior - Krista

My name is Krista and I have attended St. Joseph’s Indian School since eighth grade, so about five years. While at St. Joe’s, I was involved in basketball and volleyball.

At Chamberlain High School, I was involved in Native American Club, the fall play and the St. Joseph’s LNI team.

My favorite memory is this year’s home trip. I would like to thank my houseparents along the way, Rachel and Chuck, Rich and Tara and Bonnie and Fahad. I would also like to send a shout out to Mrs. Waterbury.

My advice to the younger kids is don’t get in trouble … or just don’t get caught.

My plans after high school are to enlist in the Navy and become a corpsman.

Meet Our 2018 Senior - Reyna

My name is Reyna and I have attended St. Joseph’s Indian School for five years — since eighth grade.

I was the manager of the volleyball team during my first year at St. Joseph’s, but not in high school.

My favorite memory at St. Joseph’s was when some of the girls and I had a pillow fight in the middle of the night and then we got caught.

I would like to thank Julie, my counselor. She helped me the last four years before leaving St. Joseph’s. I would also like to thank my houseparents, Bob and Angie. They were my houseparents for three years and were a lot of fun.

My advice to younger students is to do what you enjoy.

I was accepted into Black Hills State University. I’m going to take a year off to work before attending college.

Meet Our 2018 Senior - TJ

My name is TJ and I’ve attended St. Joseph’s Indian School since fourth grade.

In middle school, I was involved in cross country, football, basketball, track and softball. In high school, I joined basketball.

My favorite memory at St. Joseph’s was my birthday in 2017 when Al and Nancy took Sarah Anne, Ashley, my big dog Justin and me out to eat. When we got back, Sarah, Ash and I went to the movies. We didn’t do too much, but I felt really content and happy. I was spending time with the people closest to me at St. Joseph’s. I also met Ashley’s bunny.

I want to thank Rich, Tara and Annie. Al and Nancy — my years with you guys were a blessing. If I could, I would re-live some of the moments I had with you guys.

My advice to the younger students is don’t be afraid to make buddies. Good and bad times feel better when you have someone to share the moment with.

Pilamayathank you — for the support and encouragement you so generously share with the Lakota students!


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