Makayla was crowned Miss St. Joseph's in 2008!
Makayla was crowned Miss St. Joseph’s at our 2008 powwow.
She also participates
in basketball.
At St. Joseph's Indian School we strive to open every door possible to help our Lakota students learn, grow and thrive.

This includes everything from:
  • providing a solid education
  • team sports and
  • helping students take advantage of opportunities away from our campus.
Makayla, seventh grade, and Erika, eighth grade, were among students from across the state who participated in the South Dakota Governor’s Camp this year.

“Only about 100 students are selected each year,” said Kathleen, St. Joseph’s Principal.  “It was a great honor for them we are all very proud!”

Each student wishing to attend is required to fill out an application. First-time applicants, like Makayla and Erika, also needed a recommendation form completed by a teacher or other staff member.

The camp offers a variety of programs for students that would not normally have access to in a junior high classroom.

Out of the 63 classes offered, students participated in seven. Subjects included:
  • Web Design & Virtual Communities,
  • Photography,
  • Korean Culture,
  • the Stock Market, and
  • Emergency Medicine.
Makayla and Erika each took classes including Cake Decorating, Digital Photography, Sign Language and a poetry class.

Awards were given out in each class, and Makayla won a medal for the best poem.

Each year since 1984, the University of South Dakota in Vermillion hosts the South Dakota Governor’s Camp.

Erika enjoys the jingle-dress dance at powwos.
When she’s not in school, Erika enjoys participating in sports and the jingle-dress dance at powwows.
Since its start, over 4,500 seventh, eighth, and ninth grades students from 100 different South Dakota communities have participated in the program.

St. Joseph's Indian School is very proud of Makayla and Erika for their accomplishments!

Thanks to the support of you, our tiyospaye - extended family - we are able to provide every student with the education they deserve and numerous opportunities to help them build successful, productive futures.


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