St. Joseph's high school girls made a fleece blanket.
For one of their Enrichment projects, our high school girls made a fleece blanket and sent it to a shelter for the needy.

In addition to school work and sports at St. Joseph’s, our Lakota students learn important social skills in their homes on campus.

Each Wednesday, we hold an Enrichment Night!

Enrichment Night
On Enrichment Night, houseparents plan activities that help our students learn something new.

They may practice appropriate ways to answer the phone, learn table etiquette, recieve packing tips, or make birthday and thank you cards for a friend or family member.

Parents and guardians are invited to share Enrichment Nights with the students, either as a presenter or guest.

Homes have had grandmothers visit and make fry bread, parents have shared holiday activities and alumni have shared stories of their path to higher education and a career.

Melvina and Macey examine a deer hide.
A conservation officer with the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks visited the Dennis Home to teach students about animals indigenous to South Dakota.

On some occasions, Enrichment activities take us into the Chamberlain community.

Last year, in preparation for the holidays, seventh-grade students visited a local retirement home and helped decorate a Christmas tree with star ornaments they made.

The residents were thrilled with the decorations and, more importantly, our students learned how great it feels to share their artwork and spend time with their elders.


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