"I wanted my child to have a better education — that's why I sent her to St. Joseph's Indian School."

Top reasons for attending St. Joseph’s based on new student applications:

  • We’re homeless — need something better for my kids that I can’t offer right now
  • Get away from the violence in the schools here
  • Current living environment is not safe
  • Learn about her culture/be proud of who she is
  • Mom went to school here
  • Like the schooling my other kids got
  • Child has always wanted to come
  • Mom unemployed
  • To give my kids a good experience
  • Can’t afford to put them in extra activities at his current school
  • All St. Joseph’s had to offer academically, responsibility, respect, culture
  • Better education that will help her reach her capabilities
  • Heard great things about the school
  • New experiences and better education, a safe place

Tax-deductible donations from people around the country give the Native American children at St. Joseph’s Indian School a safe, stable home and school environment.

The assistance of so many people make St. Joseph’s Indian School a valuable resource for the Native American community.


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