Unique Native-American star quilts

Just before the sun rises, there is a star standing alone, shining brightly in the east. The Lakota (Sioux) refer to this beautiful sight as the Morning Star.

This star announces the coming of sun and light to the earth; it heralds the dawn. Because of its great importance in the gift of each new day, the morning star is often used in designs and decorations.

Black Elk spoke to the star as follows:

"Morning Star, there at the place where the sun comes up, you who have the wisdom which we seek, help us in cleansing ourselves and all the people, that our generations to come will have light as they walk the sacred path. You lead the dawn as it walks forth, and also the day which follows with its light which is knowledge. This you do for us and for all the people of the world, that they may see clearly in walking the wakan (holy) path, that they may know all that is holy, and that they may increase in a sacred manner ..."

(Adapted from Ron Zeilinger's Lakota Life)


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