Every year, St. Joseph’s Christmas Store – which is filled thanks to friends around the country – is one of our students’ favorite holiday activities.

The Christmas Store gives the Lakota children at our school the opportunity to choose gifts for their family members.

An array of gently used clothing, toys, books and household items sent by friends like you supply the “store” with its holiday treasures.

Jessica helps Leslie wrap her gift.

Jessica helps Leslie wrap her gift.

“After we pick the presents, then we get them wrapped,” said Morgan, a first-grader who participated in the Christmas Store for the first time. “I’m getting a purse for my grandma and bubble bath for my mom.”

On a Saturday in December, students bring their lists – each carefully considered – with gift ideas for older brothers, baby sisters, parents and grandparents.

Teachers, counselors and other staff help students choose warm winter clothing, blankets or a toy for that special someone.

Girls in the Stevens Home have their photo <br/>taken with Santa!

Girls in the Stevens Home have their photo
taken with Santa!

“The kids are so proud to be able to take gifts home to their family,” said Carla, a St. Joseph’s staff member who helps wrap gifts each year. “Each child is so eager to tell me who the gift is for and why they chose it. They are so delighted to be generous!”

Pilamayathank you – for helping the Native American boys and girls practice generosity – one of the four primary Lakota values.


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