Over 50% of the Lakota (Sioux) children at St. Joseph’s Indian School have been exposed to drugs and/or alcohol. Nearly 52% of the youngsters have been exposed to domestic violence.

Now, to make their journey even more difficult, an alarming number of boys and girls in our care have been touched by suicide or gang violence in some way.

Recently, the New York Times published an article on the frightening reality of gangs living on the reservation.

A rash of heart-breaking cases on the Pine Ridge Reservation prompted the Oglala Sioux Tribe president to declare an emergency.

At St. Joseph’s, we’re committed to helping mend these broken family circles.

Lakota children in need find help at St. Joseph’s Indian School thanks to the safe, stable, culturally rich environment we provide.

The problems facing young Lakota people are serious and widespread. By supporting St. Joseph’s, you are helping tackle these problems one child, one family at a time!

Pilamayathank you — for the difference you help make in the lives of Lakota (Sioux) children in such desperate need!





Photo taken from http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/14/us/14gangs.html?_r=1


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