Leahanna loves her new bedroom lamp!
Leahanna loves her new bedroom lamp!
St. Joseph's Indian School's Lakota (Sioux) children recently celebrated Christmas. Wopila tankamany thanks – for making this
celebration possible!

The day began with Mass and the Christmas story. Though our Christmas celebration falls a bit later than most, there is no less enthusiasm when the day finally arrives.

We were blessed with delicious holiday treats, wonderful gifts for our students and the joy of each other’s company as we celebrated
Jesus’ birth.

At home on the reservation, many of our students may be in situations where they are cold or hungry, but being with their family over the holiday is the most important thing.

So we bundled them up, packed food boxes so they could share a warm holiday meal with their families, and wished them a Merry Christmas.

Devin wears his new hat while opening the rest of his gifts!
Devin wears his new hat while opening the rest
of his gifts!
Times like these are sharp reminders of the true meaning of Christmas. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we were blessed to receive boxes of various sizes and shapes containing gifts and special Christmas treats for the Lakota boys and girls.

Many friends go out of their way to make sure our students’ holiday celebration is extra special, with gifts for each student and a little something extra for their Christmas stocking.

Finally, when it seems they cannot wait a moment longer, Sunday arrives! Children race and skip to Our Lady of the Sioux Chapel, hardly able to contain themselves – today is the day!
The Afra Home girls are grateful for the gifts they received.
The Afra Home girls appreciate the kind and generous gifts they received!

These are the only presents most students will open, which makes the day even
more special.

As we strive to give our students a “normal” life, this is one of many heartfelt blessings your generosity provides.

Pilamayathank you – for making our holiday festivities extra special!


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