The Coalition for Residential Education (CORE) named John Beheler, a former St. Joseph’s student and team member, as one of their Alumni of the Year!

Mary Jane, St. Joseph’s Outreach and After Care Specialist, accepted the award on John’s behalf at the 2010 CORE National Conference in St. Charles, Illinois.

Alumni of the Year
Alumni of the Year

John came to St. Joseph’s for the first time as a second grade Lakota student and graduated eighth-grade in 1979. He returned as a team member in 2004.

John worked at St. Joseph’s Indian School until the end of the 2009 school year, when he accepted the position as principal at a nearby reservations public school.

John has a deep understanding of traditional Lakota/Dakota (Sioux) ways and works openly with others to share his culture.

He has conducted numerous presentations over the years, designed to give both Native American and non-Indian students and staff a better understanding of the Lakota culture.

His cultural and artistic contributions to St. Joseph’s Indian School enriched the lives of many, and he is a role model for students and staff alike.

Nominations for CORE’s annual awards are determined by individuals from the residential education field who rank all submitted nominations with personal and program information removed.

The awards honor outstanding staff, students, and supporters whose tireless dedication and steadfast contributions exemplify the essence of residential education — affording economically and socially disadvantaged youth opportunities to help them;

  • navigate a stable pathway for future personal and professional success
  • develop and build relationships, and
  • build life skills.

St. Joseph’s Indian School is a founding member of the Coalition for Residential Education.


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