Renovation of the Lakota homes at St. Joseph’s Indian School is in its fourth year!

Renovations are underway at St. Joseph's Indian SchoolSupport the home renovation project at St. Joseph's!

Most of our Native American students are gone for the summer, so now is the perfect time for construction and maintenance.

Repairs are underway, and the Speyer and Rooney Homes are getting a facelift, both inside and out.

Newly renovated student homes will include:

  • Handicap accessible ramps and entrances for members of our students’ families
  • New windows to keep energy costs down
  • New flooring
  • Mudrooms, so children have a place to take off their shoes and coats when they come in
  • New storage units for the children’s books, toys and games
  • Upgraded fire and security alarm systems to keep our students safe
  • Energy efficient appliances in the kitchen
  • Energy efficient washing machines and dryers
  • Washable ceiling tiles to prevent mold
  • Updated bathroom sinks, toilets and showers

St. Joseph’s goal is to provide safe, secure homes where our Native American youngsters can learn and grow.

With your faithful support, we’ll not only provide the best shelter for our children, but also we’ll provide a home that is made well!


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