Our powwow, held each September, plays a vital role in cultural education for St. Joseph’s students

The 2012-2013 school year begins on August 13!

Children who attend St. Joseph’s are enrolled here by parents and guardians who want them to be here. We are often asked why students and their families may choose St. Joseph’s. Mary Jane, who works with student families through the application process, gave us some insight.

  • We’re homeless - my kids need something better that I can’t offer right now
  • Get away from the violence in the schools on the reservation
  • Current living environment is not safe
  • Learn about her culture / be proud of who she is
  • Mom went to school here
  • Like the schooling my other kids got
  • Child has always wanted to come
  • Mom unemployed
  • To give my kids a good experience
  • Can’t afford to put them in extra activities at his current school
  • All St. Joseph’s has to offer – academics, responsibility, respect, culture
  • Better education that will help her reach her capabilities
  • Heard great things about the school
  • New experiences and better education, a safe place
In addition to a safe home and cultural education, students have the opportunity to play, grow and be healthy.

St. Joseph’s provides for all the children’s needs and has special programs that offer families a safe place to stay, counseling opportunities and job resources. Sometimes, simply the chance to start over and know their children are safe and cared for makes all the difference in the world.

Wopila tankamany thanks – for the helping hand you give to these children and families!


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