Lakota (Sioux) children show off their Native American dancing.
The girls haved so much fun
giggling, tapping and twirling.

During the festive season, some of St. Joseph Indian School's fourth and fifth grade students visited a local assisted living facility to help spread holiday cheer.

Not only were the girls having fun giggling, tapping and twirling, the residents also enjoyed themselves.

The girls first showed off their new dance routine they learned in their dance group.

The students were proud when they were able to reenact the routine to near perfection for the local residents.

Native American children illustrated their powwow dance moves!
After the group routine,
LaChasity demonstrated
her fancy shawl dance.

After the seniors learned the latest hip-hop moves, they were equally attracted to the traditional Lakota (Sioux) dancing the young ladies illustrated.

The elders asked questions about the different styles of dancing being demonstrated by the children while they learned different varieties of Native American styles that took shape before their eyes.

Giving to others is a valuable Lakota (Sioux) tradition that friends across the country have helped exhibit for St. Joseph's students.

Wopila tanka - many thanks - for being a great role model.  




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