Native American student leaders sponsor holiday food drive
Each class has a student as their
wayawa itancan– student leader.

St. Joseph Indian School’s wayawa itancanstudent leaders – sponsored a campus wide holiday food drive just before they left for Christmas break.

This student food drive helped provide much needed help for Project Safe, and showed the Lakota (Sioux) children how they can help other families in need.

Project Safe is a children's advocacy program in Fort Thompson, South Dakota, which operates on the Crow Creek Indian Reservation.

“The food drive was very successful!” said Frank, one of St. Joseph’s residential coordinators who helped organize the project.

Frank continued, “We were able to take several boxes of food to the shelter in Fort Thompson. They were very appreciative of our donation; they didn’t have anything left to share with families in need, until we came with all of our goods”.

Native American student leaders sponsor holiday food drive
Adrian, Cassie and RJ smile for a
picture after they helped deliver
the canned goods to Project Safe. 

At St. Joseph’s Indian School, our staff works daily to help the Native American students understand the importance of their Lakota (Sioux) cultural roots.

In school, through their Lakota Studies class, the Native American youngsters have learned about wacantognakagenerosity - which is one of the four Lakota values.

The other three Lakota values that are continually stressed are courage, wisdom and respect.

Pilamayathank you – for helping our American Indian children connect with their Lakota (Sioux) culture in a meaningful way.  


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