Della, long time student of St. Joseph's Indian School
Poverty. Gangs. Drugs. Alcohol. Abuse.

These are all realities for the Lakota (Sioux) people living in the heartland of America. While the Midwest seems like a wholesome place to raise a family and put down new roots, the backbone of this country, our Native American people, are struggling for mere survival.

Take Della, a long-time student at St. Joseph’s Indian School. She is one of the lucky ones. Though she is lucky, she is not immune.

She grew up without a father, and a mother who drank her days away instead of working. In eighth grade a cousin was killed in a car accident and just recently she was handed a family member's baby saying, “Here, I can’t do this anymore.”

With all this hardship at such a young age it is hard to believe that Della truly IS lucky! She has loving houseparents, counselors and teachers at St. Joseph’s Indian School. And because of generous gifts from friends across the country, she has all of this at no charge.

At St. Joseph’s Indian School we educate, we care for, we give a home … we provide a future for vulnerable youth on the Plains of South Dakota.
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