Lolita a graduate of St. Joseph's Indian School.

For the anniversary of 9/11, St. Joseph’s Indian School is proud to honor veterans everywhere. Historically, the Lakota (Sioux) people have always been known as great warriors.
In modern Lakota tradition, the akicita - warrior - are still honored during powwows, reflecting their great importance to the Native American culture.
St. Joseph’s is especially proud of:
Lolita - After graduating eighth grade at St. Joseph’s Indian School and completing high school, Lolita enlisted in the United States Navy. She is currently stationed in Japan, where they are involved in helping clean up the country after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

“Lolita loves living in Japan!” said Dianne, who was Lolita’s mentor at St. Joseph’s. “She will be there approximately two more years. It’s so fun to see her doing well and hear all she has learned about the country, its people (her best friend is Japanese) and the food (she loves sushi!). I am very proud of Lolita and hope she continues to do well!

JT a graduate of St. Joseph's Indian School.

JT - A 2005 graduate of St. Joseph’s high school program, JT served four years in the United States Navy as an Aviation Boatswain's Mate and is now continuing his education. He is attending WyoTech’s Fremont, California campus for Residential Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

In recent years, JT has visited St. Joseph’s while on leave, sharing his Navy experiences with junior high students and encouraging them to reach for their dreams. “Whether it’s a military career, college or other training, you can do it,” he said. “If I can, so can you.”

Leighton - After graduating eighth grade at St. Joseph’s Indian School in 1997, Leighton returned to his hometown to finish high school. He was determined to leave the Indian reservation, however, and to join the Army. Leighton worked hard and studied with a tutor to pass the ASVAB exam. He attributes his military success to the love, support and guidance from St. Joseph’s caring staff.
Leighton a graduate of St. Joseph's Indian School.

“One morning, I received a phone call from a voice I didn't recognize,” said Maija, one of Leighton’s houseparents. “It was Leighton. He called to say thanks for helping him out and teaching him so much while at St. Joe's. He told me he was platoon leader and could clean better than anyone because of his experience in our home!”


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