St. Joseph's students at South Dakota's Buffalo Roundup.

In Lakota culture, the buffalo tatanka is held in high regard. Historically, the creature provided everything the people needed for survival.

Some of St. Joseph’s smallest girls recently came face to face with a herd of South Dakota’s largest animals the mighty tatanka, or buffalo.

Girls from the Dennis Home (first through third grades) and the William Home (fourth and fifth grade) and their houseparents visited Custer State Park to see the 46th Annual Buffalo Roundup.

Each fall, the park holds an arts festival followed by the roundup Monday morning. Riders come from miles around to assist park staff for the round-up of approximately 1,300 buffalo.

“The Buffalo Roundup was so much fun for the girls!” said Alice, a houseparent in the Dennis Home. “They were in absolute awe of the size of the animals even the calves.”

St. Joseph's students at Crazy Horse Memorial.

The girls also took in the Crazy Horse Memorial on their trip to western South Dakota.

In their Native American Studies class, students have learned how their ancestors used every part of the buffalo for survival on the Great Plains.

Wopila tankamany thanks – for your faithful support which allows us to take the Lakota (Sioux) youth on educational trips to learn about their Native American culture!


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