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Grateful student gives Lakota (Sioux) star quilt

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Danisha and Erin at a St. Joseph's Indian School luncheon.
Erin and Danisha present Lucille with the star quilt during the donor appreciation event in Palm Desert, California.
Danisha, a St. Joseph’s high school student, gave a very special gift to Lucille, a St. Joseph’s supporter from Palm Desert, California.

At a donor appreciation event in California, Danisha spoke of the traditional Lakota (Sioux) star quilt and its place as one of the most treasured gifts among the Sioux people.

Then, she gave one away!

“I asked my grandma to make the star quilt for me to take to the donor appreciation event,” said Danisha. “The donors have done so much for the Lakota youth attending St. Joseph’s ... I just wanted to show them how grateful my family is for their contributions.”

Danisha is a senior this year. Her sister Andrea graduated from St. Joseph’s Indian School’s high school program and is now in college. Their younger sister, Danielle, is now a sixth grader at St. Joseph’s Indian School and cousin Diamond is in first grade. Their grandmother is grateful for the support her family receives through St. Joseph’s programs.
Danisha a student at St. Joseph's Indian school.
Danisha and her family participated in the FAST program.

“My grandma thought giving away a star quilt was a good idea too,” said Danisha. “St. Joseph’s has been part of my family for a long time, and we’re thankful for the donors who support St. Joseph’s.

“My grandma is really generous. I think she is like a star quilt factory because she is always making one for somebody! My family gives star quilts to people who we feel deserve one; it’s a very special gift and our way of expressing deep thanks.”

Lucille, the donor who won the star quilt, could not have been more thrilled.

“I’ve dedicated my life to educating children,” she said. “ Children who are dealing with extra challenges like the children at St. Joseph’s are especially close to my heart! I’m just thrilled to be able to donate to the school, and especially surprised and grateful for the wonderful gift of a star quilt.”


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