Lucy and Destiny making bird feeders.

Lucy helps Destiny with the peanut butter mixture.

Maija, one of our high school staffers, has started a “big sister” program at St. Joseph’s Indian School, which allows our high school girls special time to do fun projects with our first, second and third grade girls.

Recently, Big Sisters helped their Little Sisters make pinecone bird feeders! On a sunny Saturday afternoon, they loaded up pinecones with a mixture of peanut butter, shortening, oats and birdseed.

The weather was even nice enough to hang up the feeders in the back yard of the Crane Home as well as around the Lakota Homes, where our junior high students live.

St. Joseph's students going to hang up their bird feeders.

The group heads out to hang up their bird feeders.

Opportunities like these help our Native American students build good relationships, strengthen their support system and improve social skills. But, having fun and making good memories is the most important thing!


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