St. Joseph’s student drum group Paha Makha ska Olowanpi - the Chalk Hills Singers - have been learning from Wayne, a renowned Lakota (Sioux) drummer.

“It’s not just about the act of drumming,” said Mark, the group’s leader. “The tradition of the drum is very important as well.”
Lakota girls support the drummers.
Laslie, Angel and Janis support the drummers
as waktegli singers.

Wayne has been working with Mark and the boys since October 2011.

Some of our older girls are also learning about the tradition of the drum in the role of waktegli singers - the women or girls who support the singers around the drum.

“We help sing at certain points in the song and offer the aluluations, or support cry, at the end,” said LaRayne, St. Joseph’s Native American Studies teacher, who assists the group. “We are all still learning, but making progress.”
Lakota boys in drum group.
There are now a dozen boys involved in our drum group.

With Wayne’s help, the Chalk Hills Singers prepare for the Chamberlain High School’s powwow.


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