Tony a St. Joseph's student volunteers. Outside high school activities and homework, St. Joseph’s high school students volunteer their time to help with different St. Joseph’s events.
Classes are dismissed for summer break, but the Lakota (Sioux) students in our high school program are busier than ever!

  • Danisha will be attending the Indian University of North America at the Crazy Horse Monument this summer. She was one of 35 students in South Dakota to be accepted.

  • Erin is the proud recipient of a Davis-Bahcall Science Scholarship. She will spend a month studying particle physics at some of the great laboratories in the world. Her first week will be at Sanford Labs in Lead, South Dakota. Erin will then visit Fermilabs just outside Chicago, Illinois, where the Manhattan Project was developed. The culminating visit will be to northern Italy where CERN's Gran Sasso Lab is located. Within this complex is the Large Hadron Collider, the world's largest particle collider. Erin was one of ten students in South Dakota to be accepted to this program.

  • D’Kera will attend INMED (Indians Into Medicine) at the University of North Dakota.

  • Aaron will be attending the College Horizons program to be held at the University of Pennsylvania. He was one of 90 students chosen from across the United States.

  • Chris and Amber B. have been accepted to the Upward Bound program at Black Hills State University.

  • Amber Y. and Makayla have been accepted to the Math and Science Initiative Program at the University of South Dakota this summer.

  • Jacob and Ashley will be returning to GEARUP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduates Program) this summer for their third year in the program.

  • Andrew and Isaiah, incoming freshmen, will get a jump start on their future and will also attend GEARUP this summer.
St. Joseph's high school students attend prom. Our high school students participate in many activities at Chamberlain High School, including prom.
Wopila tanka - many thanks - for helping these students reach their dreams!


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