You may have already noticed a change in St. Joseph’s logo. While it’s a new look, our goals remain the same to provide the Lakota (Sioux) children everything they need to learn, grow and thrive!
Eagle feathers are part of St. Joseph's new logo. Eagle feathers are a Lakota symbol for honor. For a people faced with immeasurable pressures, the feathers symbolize the hope that the children will someday become leaders who can restore the lost honor of the Lakota tribe.
The circle is part of St. Joseph's new logo. The circle represents the family. It signifies that, as long as there is a new generation of children, there is hope for the future.
The cross is part of St. Joseph's new logo. The cross represents our Christian faith. St. Joseph’s Indian School accepts children of all religious backgrounds, but continues to stress faith and spiritual values because we believe the children we serve can benefit from the comfort and purpose faith can provide.
The crossed arrows are part of St. Joseph's new logo. The crossed arrows are a symbol of friendship. We understand that while we cannot replace the children’s parents or undo the pain they have suffered, friendship can help heal the wounds. Friendship can help the children find balance, self-esteem and hope for the future.
Our logo also includes St. Joseph’s motto, “We Serve and Teach. We Receive and Learn.” It is our duty as caring people to serve these children. Our goal is to teach them how to live - to become self-reliant, productive young adults. Our reward is all the children teach us along the way, through their courage, their hope and their love.

Other frequently asked questions:

Why is there no street address?

In our earliest days, St. Joseph’s Indian School was located outside Chamberlain city limits and therefore has a unique ZIP code. Any mail containing the postal ZIP code 57326 will automatically come to St. Joseph’s campus. Today, Chamberlain has grown to surround us; we are within city limits, but maintain our ZIP code.

Where do I send a package?

Please send packages requiring a street address to:
St. Joseph’s Indian School
1301 N. Main St.
Chamberlain, SD 57325


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