According to the American Diabetes Association, over 16% of American Indians have diabetes. This is the highest age-adjusted prevalence of diabetes among all US ethnic groups.

Thanks to caring friends - like you - we are helping Lakota (Sioux) students learn to make good choices and combat this deadly disease!

In 2011, St. Joseph’s received the Silver Award from the Healthier US School Challenge for introducing more fruits, vegetables and whole grains to students’ diets.

Lakota boys at St. Joseph's Indian School prepare for dinner
Nutritious choices are offered at every meal.

In Personal Living Skills class and in their campus homes, St. Joseph’s students learn about the four food groups and nutritious snacks they can make on their own. Every day, students visit the rec center and play outside, so they get lots of physical activity.

Lakota girls love riding their bikes around St. Joseph's campus.
We love playing outside!

Pilamaya - thank you - for giving the Lakota boys and girls the tools they need to live healthy lives!


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