Cody with other St. Joseph's students.
Cody and the St. Joseph’s boys on his team:
Paite, Trudell and Isaiah.
This fall, St. Joseph’s high school student Cody gave his time and talent to coach a flag football team. The first and second graders he coached had an immediate connection with him!

“I can’t say enough about the work that Cody did with these boys!” said Julie, a St. Joseph’s employee and parent to one of Cody’s players. “The boys LOVED Cody! He kept practices very structured, yet fun. He taught the boys great skills and teamwork, and they were able to win most of their games. It was a great experience for everyone!”

Flag football combines boys from St. Joseph’s Indian School and boys from Chamberlain on each team to help students get to know one another.

Cody in a huddle with his team.
In the huddle. Go Team!
Wopila tanka - many thanks - for helping us give St. Joseph’s students opportunities to give back!

Cody with his team.
Cody and his flag football team.


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