Before Christmas break, St. Joseph’s wayawa itancanstudent leaders — collected non-perishable food items from staff and community members, which were donated to families in need.

“The drive was very successful!” said Frank, one of St. Joseph’s Residential Coordinators who helped organize the project. “We were able to take several boxes to the local food bank. They were very appreciative of our donation.”

At St. Joseph’s Indian School, our staff works daily to help the students understand the importance of their cultural roots. Through their Lakota Studies class, they have learned about generosity - wacantognaka - one of the four primary Lakota values, along with courage, wisdom and respect.

Pilamayathank you — for helping our students connect with their culture in a meaningful way and reach out to those in need!

Saint Joseph's Indian School 2012 food drive
Lakota children help those in need.
Sioux Indian children's food drive.
Saint Joseph's Indial School 2012 food drive

Melvina, Alyssa and Harold helped deliver the canned goods to the local food bank.


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