Lower Brule Boys & Girls Club 2012 holiday party
The Lower Brule Boys & Girls Club was able to provide a wonderful holiday party for the children who rely on them!
Lower Brule Boys & Girls Club 2012 holiday party.
Each child received a gift.
Lower Brule Boys & Girls Club 2012 holiday party.
After gifts were opened everyone settled in to watch a movie together.

At St. Joseph’s Indian School, we work hard to be good stewards of the gifts we are given. In addition to helping the Lakota (Sioux) children on our campus, many outreach programs allow us to touch lives for miles around.

Thanks to the kindness of friends like you, we were able to send hats, gloves, socks and other warm clothing to needy Native American families on the Crow Creek and Lower Brule Reservations. Children at the Boys & Girls Club in Lower Brule were also able to pick out a gift for a family member, just like St. Joseph’s students do at our annual Christmas Store.

We are greatly blessed to be able to answer this call for help during the holiday season. While we’re careful to make sure we provide for the students who attend St. Joseph’s Indian School, a warm winter coat stored in a box does not meet anyone’s needs, nor is it used in the spirit it was given.

Wopila tanka - many thanks - for your support in our mission to provide for people in need, both at St. Joseph’s Indian School and on nearby Indian reservations.


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