Fr. Steve and Mary Jane Presented Del
Fr. Steve and Mary Jane presented Del with his award.

Lakota artist Del Iron Cloud recently received St. Joseph’s 2013 Distinguished Alumni Award. He attended St. Joseph’s Indian School from 1958-1960.

He addressed St. Joseph’s students after a special mass to honor our 2013 graduates.

“Always remember to look back and thank the people who have helped you,” Iron Cloud said. “From the time we’re babies and take our first steps, there’s always someone waiting to catch us. That’s still true.”

Iron Cloud also presented each senior and eighth grade graduate with a hand-painted watercolor feather in honor of their achievements so far.

Del presented Water Color FeatherDel presented each Lakota graduate with a hand-painted water color feather in honor of their achievement.
An accomplished artist, Del was born in Little Eagle, South Dakota, on the Standing Rock Reservation. At age five, he created his first "masterpiece." Unfortunately, the canvas was his grandmother’s kitchen door, and a bucket of water and a sponge quickly replaced the crayons in his hands. Read his biography!

Today, several pieces of Del’s work can be found on St. Joseph’s campus and in the Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Center.

Iron Cloud continues to support St. Joseph’s programs through his involvement with our annual Tiyospaye Banquet held each year in conjunction with our powwow celebration.

St. Joseph’s Distinguished Alumnus Award recognizes former students who have made a positive contribution to others, their culture or community, or acted in service to others.

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