Eighth-grade graduation is only the first of many important milestones for our Native American youth. High school is next!

To help our students prepare for this vital step toward their future they attend a three-week High School Prep Program. Each morning for three weeks, students:

  • Go to Chamberlain High School from 8:45-11:45 a.m. to meet their teachers, become familiar with the school and learn about their fall classes.
  • Return to St. Joseph's campus for lunch.
  • Spend time at the Rec Center


Learning about their classes
Students visit Chamberlain High School each morning, getting to know their teachers and learning about their classes in the fall.

Each afternoon, students have ‘Expanding the Circle’ class, which covers a variety of topics from self-esteem and listening skills to learning styles and self-advocacy. Students also spend time in career exploration and visits to post-secondary education options, like technical schools and local colleges.

St. Joseph’s High School Prep Program is the result of collaboration with the Chamberlain school system; it helps our students make a smooth transition into high school and achieve their fullest potential!


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