A memorial gift is a wonderful and loving way to honor someone special in your life. Memorial gifts can also express your congratulations to a loved one on a special occasion, birthday or anniversary.

Besides paying tribute to a loved one, memorial gifts to St. Joseph's Indian School provide quality education and top-notch care to precious Lakota (Sioux) children.

Ways to remember your loved ones:

  1. Honor gifts — Express your congratulations to honor someone on that special occasion, birthday or anniversary. The person being honored will receive a notification of your gift.
  2. Memorial gift — Remember a loved one or a friend who has passed.
    • The family will receive a special book with the name of the enrollment
    • A blessed prayer card
  3. In Lieu of Flowers — Sending flowers is a common way to extend comfort to family and friends when a loved one dies. However, more people are asking their loved ones to share a gift with St. Joseph's Lakota children in place of flowers.
    • Memorializes a loved one through prayer.
    • Reminds family and friends of your prayerful respect and compassion.
    • Provides for the needs of Lakota (Sioux) youngsters at St. Joseph's.

    • When you share a gift with St. Joseph's Indian School in lieu of flowers, we will:

    • Send a card on your behalf to the loved one's family.
    • Enroll the deceased in our prayer program.
    • Remember your loved one in our monthly Novena.
    • Send a special acknowledgement letter from Fr. Anthony.
    • Use your gift wisely to provide for the daily needs of the Lakota boys and girls in our care.
  4. Founder's Memorial — Your name or the name of a loved one you wish to honor will be engraved on a brass plate and placed on our Founder's Memorial plaque. The plaque is displayed in Our Lady of the Sioux Chapel as a lasting tribute.
    • Engraved brass plate displayed in Our Lady of the Sioux Chapel
    • $500 memorial gift

For more information about memorials please contact us at 1-800-584-9200 or at