Help us preserve the Lakota culture and educate over 200 boys and girls!

Since 1927, St. Joseph's Indian School has cared for Lakota (Sioux) children. They come here to receive an education and build a new future for themselves and their people.

Your generous donation helps save these youngsters from poverty and illiteracy — a nightmare fate that befalls too many Native Americans.

You can ensure our youngsters have positive dreams filled with thoughts of bright futures.

With your gift, we are able to provide college scholarships, health care, programs that strengthen families, quality education, nutritious food, warm clothing, counseling services, safe homes and cultural education for the Native American children entrusted to our care. All at no cost to the children or their families.

Will you join us to give these Native American children the tools they need to grow and succeed in life?

"Had it not been for St. Joseph's Indian School I'd still be homeless, being shuffled between family members."

~ St. Joseph's Indian School Student

Yes, I want to assist St. Joseph's in caring for and educating Native American youth.

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