You’re here for them.

You know these Lakota (Sioux) boys and girls need you. They’re the reason you’re going to give. And I am so grateful for you, for many reasons.

Today it’s because of winter. Winter comes early to the South Dakota Indian reservations. It’s brutal. The young students at St. Joseph’s Indian School will face freezing temperatures that will dip below zero degrees, snowstorms and winds that could cut-off electricity in their homes and some may even wake up Christmas morning to no gifts.

You can’t change the weather. But you can make sure our 200 Lakota students are safe no matter how bad the weather. When you make your tax-deductible contribution today, you’re giving these boys and girls — who have only ever seen and known poverty — the coats, boots and scarves that will protect them from the biting cold and blizzards. And you’ll make their holiday dreams come true with gifts under the Christmas tree and a warm dinner on the table.

There aren’t enough people like you. Yours is a special kind of caring for our Lakota students; it’s the kind that makes their lives brighter.

I pray that you feel a special joy in knowing the difference you are making to these very, very poor boys and girls with your generous and beautiful act of giving.

I could never thank you enough, but I will never stop trying. Thank you.

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