One at a time.

One day. One child. That’s how we educate the approximately 200 Lakota children at St. Joseph’s Indian School. And one dollar at a time. It costs $288 to house, feed, and counsel, clothe and teach each child each day. Your contribution today makes it possible.

These children are some of the poorest in the country. They need an education at St. Joseph’s Indian School, where, since 1927, we have given Lakota boys and girls the tools they need to grow and thrive … to fulfill their destiny as doctors, carpenters, teachers, computer technicians or whatever it is they dream of becoming.

When you donate today you’re giving these children books, pencils, binders and even boots and winter coats. Can you imagine some of these children have never had a winter coat? You’re giving them an education, and they will repay your kindness by working hard every single day. I know it. I’ve seen it.

God bless you for caring about these children.

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