You didn’t wait.

You’re giving now. Most people don’t.

Let me say “thank you” … Two simple words on behalf of the Lakota (Sioux) children at St. Joseph’s Indian School.

You are what these very poor, very sweet boys and girls have always deserved … an angel.

You are giving our students a present for Christmas with your tax-deductible donation. And with this one gift you’re showing them that you care about them, you’re providing them comfort and you’re offering them an education, and, with that comes the belief that their tomorrows will be better than their yesterdays. I cannot imagine a more powerful expression of the Christmas spirit than what you are doing right now — sharing your own blessings with children who have so little.

While saying “thank you” doesn’t seem enough, I offer you those words with the hope that you feel the depth of my gratitude. I pray that you experience a special joy in knowing the difference you are making to these very, very poor boys and girls with your generous and beautiful act of giving.

P.S. Yours is a special kind of caring. It is constant. You seek no rewards. But I do pray that God blesses you for being so generous to these children who have so little.

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