The Lakota Children’s Health is in Your Hands

Whether it’s as simple as a basketball game or a dip in the pool, St. Joseph’s Indian School’s Rec Center provides endless wellness opportunities for Native American students, families and staff.

Regular physical activity helps children improve cardio-respiratory fitness and build strong bodies. It also reduces levels of anxiety and depression and the risks of developing severe health conditions later in life, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and obesity.

In support of the children’s physical health today, and for years to come, we are remodeling our Rec Center to keep up with today’s needs. What was once a model facility when it was built in 1975 needs a complete redo. The renovated and expanded Rec Center will include:

  • A second full-sized basketball court
  • A new entryway with storage for coats and backpacks
  • Two new locker rooms
  • Staff office space
  • A conference room
  • On-site equipment storage
  • Separate workout areas for staff and students
  • ADA compliant facility

The Recreation Center is used by 100% of our students. Will you help make this renovation a reality to continue benefiting the Lakota (Sioux) children for years to come?

*Gifts of $1,000 or more will be recognized on a wall in our renovated Rec Center.

Your name or your loved one’s name will be included on our donor recognition wall in the renovated Rec Center. Please enter the name(s) below:
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If St. Joseph’s Indian School is blessed with donations beyond the goal amount for the Rec Center, excess donations will help provide for the Lakota children’s most immediate needs.