First, a little about you …
Question #1: How many student homes are on campus?

Answer: 20

With over 200 students on campus, we need 20 homes for our kids to live in.

Question #2: How many students live in a campus home?

Answer: 12

Each of our student homes are separated by gender and in each home of 12 students, a set of houseparents live with the students and care for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Question #3: How many gallons of milk does an average campus home go through in one week?

Answer: 8

Although it seems unreal, growing boys and girls drink approximately eight gallons of milk in their home each week.

Question #4: Our students come from ___ of the 7 poorest counties in the United States

Answer: 4

The unfortunate reality is of the 7 poorest counties in the United States, 4 of them are homes to Indian reservations. It’s been said that some of our families live in conditions only seen in third world countries.

Question #5: On average, how many meals does St. Joseph's dining hall serve in a year?

Answer: 35,000

In addition to serving lunch in the dining hall during the school year, each summer we also serve meals to our Rising Eagle Day Camp participants and to children from low-income families in the area.

Question #6: What is the average yearly food budget for St. Joseph's?

Answer: $300,000

While in some areas $300,000 can buy you a very nice home, on our Chamberlain, S.D. campus it’s barely enough to cover our yearly food budget … I bet you are glad you don’t have that shopping list!

Question #7: Native American households are ___ more likely to face food insecurity than the average U.S. family.

Answer: 400%

Because of the severe poverty on Indian reservations our students have known food insecurity. Sometimes this means students will gorge themselves before leaving campus for a home visit as they think (or maybe know) they might not receive another meal until they return to campus a few days later.

Question #8: In 2019 St. Joseph's provided ___ food assistance boxes to Native American families on reservations.

Answer: 174

Our mission to serve the Native American people doesn’t stop at our campus. We want our families on the reservation to be healthy and well fed too.

Question #9: How much food gets consumed in the average home in one week?

Answer: All the above … and more!

Growing children mean a long shopping list. Fortunately, houseparents can shop at our grocery store right on campus. Connected to the dining hall, fresh foods, fruits, vegetables, milk, canned goods and more are available at reduced cost to our school.