Welcome to Your 2020 Powwow Collection

The following selection is a collection of fun stuff to keep you entertained leading up to the 44th Annual Powwow on September 19, 2020! We were saddened to cancel powwow to the public, but we hope you will enjoy each of the following for FREE!

Get Your Free Powwow Booklet

This informational guide is dedicated to you, our thiyóšpayeextended family — to help you better understand the rich and wonderful culture of our Lakota (Sioux) students.

Put Your Powwow Knowledge to the Test

After getting your FREE powwow booklet and had time to look through it, take this quiz to see if you’re officially a “powwow wiz.”

What Powwow Dance Matches Your Personality?

Ever wonder what kind of powwow dancer you’d be? Take this quiz to see which style best suites your personality!

Watch Powwow Live, Saturday September 19!

We want to help make sure you’re all set to watch powwow from home on September 19. Complete the following steps for adjusting your Facebook settings to make sure you won’t miss a moment of the live footage on the big day.

  1. First, visit our St. Joseph’s Indian School Facebook page. Click the thumbs-up button to give our page a “like”! Then click on the three dots. Those are located right below the thumbs-up icon you clicked previously.
  2. A list will pop-up and you should click on “Follow.”
  3. The list will close, but go ahead and click on the three dots and the “Follow” selection again to adjust your Notification Settings. In the Live Video section, change “Highlights” to “All Notifications” by clicking on it. You can adjust your other settings further if you’d like, or you can hit the “X” at the top left corner. (If you have an older phone version, you could see “Standard” as a notification option instead of “All.”)